Craig Journey, Former E-Z-GO Engineer

Craig Journey
Craig Journey

Craig Journey was the lead electrical engineer with E-Z-GO starting in the early 1990s and a pioneer in the development of Electronic Speed Controllers for Separately Excited Field DC Motors. Mr. Journey was kind enough to grant us time for an interview to explain some of the work he did at E-Z-GO and how the technology may evolve in the future. Mr. Journey was also very gracious in correcting some of our misunderstandings, and we appreciate that he explained complex subjects Continue reading

6th Annual Golf Cart Review – Columbia

The Permanent Magnet MotorThe Permanent Magnet Motor

Columbia ParCar introduced their new Permanent Magnet (PM) Motor (developed by Briggs and Stratton) at last years PGA golf show. ParCar is moving on out with this motor, putting it in production cars and testing it in some of their personnel and burden carriers and other work vehicles. ParCar is most pleased with the results so far. They plan to produce some 4,000 vehicles this year with the PM motor. Continue reading

6th Annual Golf Cart Review :E-Z-GO

E-Z-GO Reorganizes, Again

One of the big stories at the golf shows in 2001 was the reorganization of the side of Textron involved with golf cars and turf equipment. Textron had made a number of acquisitions of turf related companies such as Jacobson, Bunton, Steiner, Brouwer and BobCat. It seemed logical to organizes these companies along with E-Z-GO into a single management structure since they all had involvement with the world of golf. So they created the organization of Textron Golf, Turf and Specialty Products.

Now this only lasted one year. At the 2002 golf shows Textron revealed that there had been some very positive results from this first organizational structure, but unfortunately there had been some lumps as well. Continue reading

6th Annual Golf Cart Review – Club Car

Phil TraliesPhil Tralies, President and CEO of Club Car.

New President and CEO

It is probably OK to say that Phil Tralies is the new president of Club Car since he arrived in May of 2001. But Tralies is certainly not new to the golf car world. He spent some 25 years with Textron both at E-Z-GO and Jacobson Turf. Tralies is a smart, savvy survivor with a lot of top management experience in a unique business like few others. His challenge will be to continue the Club Car success story, reinvent the product, the market place and the distribution system, and keep Ingersoll Rand happy. (Read about how he plans to do all this in our interesting Interview with Club Cars new boss). Continue reading

Pocket-Sized GPS Makes it “To The Green”

Pocket-Sized GPS Makes it “To The Green”

Okay, so your local golf course doesnt have GPS in their golf cars. Or lets say they do, but you have your own private golf car and, of course, it doesn’t have a $5,000 GPS system installed. To The Green has developed a new GPS system for exactly these types of situations that retails for only $400. Continue reading

William Szarowicz, Vice-President of Yamaha Golf

We ran across the Yamaha leader in the closing minutes of the National Golf Course Superintendents show in Orlando. We did not have an appointment nor give prior notice but Mr. Szarowicz was gracious enough to sit down with us and give us Yamaha’s impression of todays market.

The American Disability Act (ADA) has been a growing issue in the golf industry in recent years. What is Yamahas position on this issue? Continue reading