7th Annual Golf Cart Review – Club Car

Club Car’s GPS & IQ Systems

Uplink GPS system
The Uplink GPS system.

It seemed as if the Club Car booth was smaller this year but there were plenty of reps and lots of buzz about their new GPS/IQ remote control system for electric cars. Down the aisle from Club Car was the Uplink booth, or should I say their mockup golf car course layout in a large enough area to actually drive their 48-volt electric IQ car around! GPS is a global positioning system, now precise enough to fix your position, they say, within 1 to 2 feet. Continue reading

7th Annual Golf Cart Review – Columbia Par Car

In the golf car manufacturing world, E-Z-GO and Club Car are about neck and neck in production. Yamaha is a distant third and Columbia Par Car is a lot more distant than that. But Columbia Par Car has been around for a long time and will most likely continue to be around. One could trace its ancestry back to a golf car named, Harley Davidson. The company also manufactures a line of industrial vehicles.  Continue reading

7th Annual Golf Cart Review – E-Z-GO

The E-Z-GO booth was pared down from a year ago but the company had lots to talk about. The new president, John Garrison, has almost 1 year under his belt and fresh ideas about the golf car business. The business is changing and E-Z-GO is changing with it. The flat growth of new golf courses, a backlog of unsold used vehicles returning from expired lease programs, golf course management companies having trouble paying bills and economic hard times for the buying public have created new thinking about the market today and the changing market of tomorrow. The traditional golf car market is not going away but the tremendous popularity of golf cars for use ‘other than golf’ has spurred E-Z-GO to reach out to this emerging market segment with new non-golf vehicles and refurbished used golf cars. Continue reading

7th Annual Golf Cart Review – Yamaha

One year ago, a certain unnamed source inside Yamaha stated that the company was a distant third in golf car industry. “We plan to be a less distant third!” he added. If 2002 is any indication of serious intent, then watch out! We reported this past summer on the new Yamaha manufacturing plant in Newnan, GA. It’s a very impressive facility. They spent 36 million dollars on the new 210,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art plant. Continue reading

Revolutionary New Transaxle Braking System

Revolutionary Transaxle Brake

At the GCSAA Show we saw a most interesting new invention, brakes for a golf car incorporated inside the differential.

Think about it, if you could brake a golf car from the rear differential, you wouldn’t need brake drums, brake shoes or brake cables. It also would mean a more efficient braking system for those golf cars that would have front wheel brakes. If braking is not an equal force in front wheel brakes, the car has a tendency to veer to one side – especially in hard braking. It is also true with rear braking but to a lesser degree. But there would always be equal braking with this new transaxle system. Continue reading

William Szarowicz, Vice-President of Yamaha Golf

GolfCarCatalog.com spoke with William Szarowicz, VP of Yamaha Golf, at the 2003 PGA Show in Orlando.

Last year we asked you what Yamaha was doing for development of an ADA single rider vehicle. You said that you had designed a unit for Dennis Walters and that you were studying this unique market. You stated that the golf courses have a long way to go to achieve ADA friendliness. We’ve noticed that you have a new association with Roger Pretekin, of Solo Rider, and his “AteeA” ADA vehicle. Can you talk about this vehicle, what is Yamaha’s position and where are you going to take this vehicle? Continue reading

Todd Sauey, CEO of Columbia Par Car

Golf Car Catalog spoke with Todd Sauey, CEO of Columbia Par Car, at the 2003 PGA Show at Orlando.

It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to interview you again this year. We have done several interviews with you in past years and we consider you an outstanding leader in the industry. You’ve had the ability to analyze complicated developments in the golf car world. You’ve especially been able to understand the development and progress of electric vehicles like NEVs. Your work with Briggs & Stratton in developing the Permanent Magnet Electric Motor has been new technology. Your company has developed and is producing a NEV that outperformed all others in a government test. We think you show big ‘ca-hoo-nas’ when you are not afraid to tackle the ZEV problem where others fear to tread. Thanks for granting this interview. Continue reading