Electric Cart Won’t Go? – Solenoid

Type of Car: Electric

Subject: Car Won’t Go

Tip: Suspect the Solenoid. A lot of current goes through solenoids. They’re built tough but a lot of use takes a toll. If you, for example, try to hold your car to a stop on a hill using the accelerator instead of the brake, you’ll cause a huge amount of current to go through the solenoid and it can get red hot and end up looking like this: Continue reading

Lack Of Power Under Load

Type of Car: Gas Golf Car

Subject: Lack of Power Under Load

Tip: Last week we recommended you drive your car up a fairly good incline and when the power declines, pull out the choke. If there is no change in power we suggested you have clutch or belt problems. This week under the same circumstances you pull out the choke and there is a noticeable increase in power, then you most likely have a fuel related problem. Continue reading