Windshields, Enclosures, & Tops, Oh My! A Retailer’s Nightmare


In today’s growing private golf car market, providing customers with the correct parts and accessories for their specific brand, model, and year of golf cart is not always as cut and dried as one might expect. Customization with personal style is the norm and ‘stock’ golf cars are quickly becoming the minority. Case in point – tops, windshields, and rain curtains (enclosures). Close to 90% of all golf carts now come equipped from the factory with at least a top, which is usually secured by four support legs. The windshield & enclosure, at first glance, may not seem related but each is dependent on the design of the top. Without a top, a rain curtain is useless. A windshield cannot be installed without front support legs for the top. Continue reading

Recall Update & Clarification

 Last newsletter we reported on the product recalls for E-Z-GO & Club Car. We are happy to report Club Car has issued a statement claiming 95% of the recalled vehicles have been repaired. There were two separate recalls, one affecting 71,700 Precedent models sold from October 2003 through June 2005, the second recall involved 19,633 DS model golf cars, utility and Rough Terrain vehicles, all 2004 & 2005 models. If you are uncertain if your machine was included in the recallscall Club Car at 1-800-227-0739, ext 3580, or just click to the Club Car website: .

As stated on the E-Z-GO website, gas was accumulating in the air box in certain circumstances. The best we can discern from our sources is the actual culprit is the carburetor, and, perhaps even more so, the ethanol fuel used in some areas of the US . Continue reading

Gas Golf Cart Clutches

Call them what you will: centrifugal clutches, variable speed torque converters, primary & secondary or drive & driven clutches, but the truth is both clutches, and the drive belt, must be in good condition in order to power your gas golf cart up & down hills and around & about your stomping grounds. A weak engine also will create lots of hill pulling problems but that subject is for another day. Continue reading

Inova Is Latest Collaboration from UpLink, Club Car

AUGUSTA, GA (Dec. 1, 2005) Club Car, a business of Ingersoll-Rand Company Limited, a diversified industrial firm, announced that 2006 model year Precedent golf cars will feature the industrys first in-dash, totally integrated GPS system, providing easier viewing for golfers and additional management and communications capabilities for golf courses.

The Inova system, the only integrated GPS and satellite golf car control system, was developed by UpLink Corp. in collaboration with Club Car. The system is available exclusively on Precedent golf cars. Continue reading