Custom Golf Carts: Custom CarryAll 2 Grant-Valkaria

Nice custom 2002 Club Car Custom CarryAll 2, built by one of our valued customers, Clay
Hunter, for use by the Town Council for Town of Grant-Valkaria, FL

Custom Carryall2 Town of Grant-Valkaria

Golf Cart Battery Bank Wiring in Series

36 Volt Golf Cart Battery BankThe vast majority of golf cart battery bank wiring is done in a “series” circuit.  To wire in a series circuit means to connect multiple batteries in such a manner that the entire battery bank acts as a single battery, but with the total sum of the voltages of each individual battery.  A common example is that six 6 volt batteries wired in a series circuit will act as a single 36 volt battery.

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Golf Cart Forward Reverse Switches: A Closer Look

EZGO Forward and Reverse SwitchesThe problem with most forward reverse switches is no one ever takes the time to check the contacts and the cable connections to them.  Whether it is an old-style 2-cycle gas or an electric powered golf cart, all battery current goes through the forward and reverse switches before it makes it to the motor.


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Small Vehicle Resource Launches New Market Study on STOV’s

Small Vehicle Resource Launches New StudySmall Vehicle Resource, LLC Announces New Market Research Study of the Small, Task-Oriented Vehicle Market

Small Vehicle Resource, LLC (SVR) has published the sixth in a series of market research reports on the small, task-oriented vehicle (STOV) industry. The report covers small vehicle products ranging from golf cars, light transport and portage vehicles built off golf car frames, to heavy duty traditional turf vehicles and off-road utility and recreational vehicles (side-by-sides). The study concentrates on the product side of an estimated $12+ billion industry, including parts and service. Continue reading

Golf Cart Manuals: A Technician’s Best Friend

Golf Cart ManualsGolf cart manuals pay for themselves literally within one use as compared to average shop labor rates.  These manuals are offered in several versions including service manuals, parts manuals, and owner’s manuals.  Today, we’ll discuss golf cart service manuals, what each contains, and how they differ from their counterparts.

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