Tow Run Switches – Golf Carts

There is a lot of confusion among golf cart owners regarding tow run switches in theirTow Run Switches carts. Often they do not receive the proper training from dealers to understand and use this switch properly. This confusion ranges from what it is, to what it does, how to properly use it, and when to use it.  Within this discussion, we’ll try to clear up all of those questions.

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Custom Golf Carts: “Black Lightning”

Nice custom E-Z-GO TXT 2005 Base Chassis.  Built to customer specifications and used at Mount Mitchell Golf Club in NC. We’ve dubbed it “Black Lightning” due to it’s black color, clean lines and selective bling. Great addition to our Custom Golf Carts.

Custom Black Lightning Golf Cart Front Corner

  • 2005 E-Z-GO TXT Base Chassis
  • 36 Volt PDS (Precision Drive System) Electrical Platform

Golf Cart Speed Switches

Speed SwitchesEvery electric golf cart must have some type of speed switch to accelerate smoothly from a dead stop up to full speed.  Modern golf cars employ a low maintenance potentiometer, or pot box, that works in the fashion of a light switch that dims or brightens the lights in your home or business.


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Electric Golf Cart Motors: How to Change

Electric Golf Cart MotorFrequently, we are asked how to change out electric golf cart motors.  The details of the process vary between manufacturers, but the general premise is usually the same. Of all maintenance procedures for any golf cart, this is one of the more simple tasks.

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