GOLF CAR REVIEW 2006 Part 3 – Utility Vehicles

Golf Car Review 2006 Part 3: Utility: Introduction

The utility vehicle segment is certainly one of those markets. Dr. Stephen Metzger , of International Competitive Assessments, projects very significant growth in this segment through the year 2008. Indeed, making utility vehicles is perfectly suited to these companies that have spent 40+ years defining and refining what it takes to manufacture small rugged machines to move people over difficult terrains. Continue reading

Golf Car Review, 2006, Part 2

Golf Car Review, 2006, Part 2


How We Got Here:

The traditional concept and perception of the function a golf car has been changing for years. Once used only on the course, today these economical little vehicles perform myriad transportation tasks in many low speed, low density applications. Golf car-like industrial vehicles were around way before 1954, when the Dolan Brothers started making E-Z-GOs, but their innovative leap to take them on-course permitted the game of golf to flourish. Without the golf car to carry the players & their bags there never would be a Callaway Big Bertha golf club or much of the golf industry as it exists today. In the early 1950s, George Smith, founder of Columbia Car Co., recognized there would never be enough caddies to carry the game to the next level of public acceptance. That’s why he started building & selling the Pargo golf car in 1956. Besides OSHA wouldn’t allow the huge numbers of caddies that would be needed on the courses of America, even if they could be found. It’s just too dangerous! Continue reading


The 2006 PGA Merchandise Show just ended in Orlando, Florida. It was another ho-hum year for the golf car industry or so it may seem. The biggest news is not what happened but what didn’t: No! E-Z-GO did not debut their widely anticipated new model to counter the popular Club Car Precedent brought out in January, 2004. But rumors abound! One would expect a significant slow down of new introductions following the blistering pace of 2004, when Yamaha, Club Car & E-Z-GO combined introduced at least twelve new models for golf, utility or sport-utility. What follows is a report about the past year in the industry and what was seen & heard at the PGA Show. Next is the Golf Industry Show in Atlanta, Georgia. Stay tuned to Golf Car Catalog for the latest updates. Continue reading

8th Annual Golf Cart Review

It has been a year of change and anticipation for all the golf car companies. Just at a time when you think they would be throttling back, just a little, because of uncertain times, all have the pedal to the metal, full speed ahead. Every company made several major introductions of product at the 2004 PGA Show in Orlando, FL. These products have been years in the planning, testing, and manufacturing. In the case of Club Car, the new Precedent golf car requires a whole new assembly line to build it, and thats not all! Yamaha has completely revamped their utility truck lineup, adding five new trucks for the golf cars ales network and 3 new models to Motor Sports. Continue reading

7th Annual Golf Cart Review

7th Annual Golf Car Review

We attended the two big golf shows earlier this year: the PGA Show in Orlando, and the GCSAA Show in Atlanta. The mood and atmosphere of these two golf shows was certainly different this year compared to previous years. Undoubtedly, the state of our national economy is a reason for cutbacks and even “gloom and doom”. But the CEOs of the major golf car manufacturers would rather look at this situation as a “challenge and opportunity”. Continue reading

4th Annual Golf Cart Review (Part 2)

Max Car

 In a recent conversation with Jim Lester, VP and Division Manager for Maxer Corporation, he confirmed that the Maxcar is indeed the Hyundai spinoff. Lester said that several of the features of the older Hyundai will be used in the Maxcar design but there are many changes and more to come. Maxer Corp currently offers only a 36 volt ‘regen’ electric car. The MaxGen adjustable ‘regen’ controller and motor is made by the Youngsoo Mulsan Co, of Korea, the parent company. There will be a lower speed controller for fleet sales and a higher speed (16.5 mph) controller for privately owned golf cars. The golf car will come equippped with a Lestronic II, 25 amp charger. Continue reading

4th Annual Golf Cart Review

Highlights of the 2000 PGA Show

  • Golf car companies are taking a hard look at the utility market. It is a fast growing segment in an otherwise mature industry.
  • New golf course development has slowed from the feverish pace of the last few years.
  • E-Z-GO displayed a programmable electronic speed controller for their ‘Regen’ electric vehicles. It will allow the customer to choose from one of four different programs to provide the safest speed mode for the particular terrain of their course. Continue reading