Carryall Utility Vehicles Restyled by Club Car

Club Car, a brand of Ingersoll Rand, announced that its 2014 line of Carryall utility vehiclesClub Car Carryall 300 has been reengineered and restyled with a more powerful engine, a high-efficiency charging system and a bed box that protects and organizes equipment.

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Redesigned E-Z-GO Freedom TXT Travels In Style

AUGUSTA, Ga. — E-Z-GO introduces its redesigned Freedom TXT personal golf car,

EZGO Freedom TXTupdating the model’s classic look and proven performance and offering a host of enhancements to make the vehicle even more fun for the family, whether it’s crossing the fairways of the golf course or traversing the neighborhood paths.

Motor Brake for E-Z-GO RXV: Must Read

Damaged EZGO RXV Motor Brake AssemblyWhen E-Z-GO introduced its RXV model golf cart in 2008, it was a drastic departure from the “norm”, in the fact that it has no mechanical wheel brakes. Rather than use traditional wheel brakes, E-Z-GO elected to go with the inherent regenerative braking available with AC, coupled with a disk style motor brake pad located on the end of the motor.  We recently had an RXV golf cart in our shop with serious problems to this brake disk, which nearly resulted in a serious accident for the driver. Continue reading

Golf Cart Rentals: A Retailer’s Woes

Golf cart rentals are a staple of any dealers business and a “necessary evil” if you will. Golf Cart Rentals: A Retailer's Woes From the outside looking in, this would seem a profitable business segment because you make money from the rental of the cart and get the vehicle back to do it again.  However, not all is as is seems in this business.  Within this discussion, we’ll outline some of the pros and cons of the business, headaches, and the potential for damaged vehicles.

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Small Vehicle Resource Launches New Market Study on STOV’s

Small Vehicle Resource Launches New StudySmall Vehicle Resource, LLC Announces New Market Research Study of the Small, Task-Oriented Vehicle Market

Small Vehicle Resource, LLC (SVR) has published the sixth in a series of market research reports on the small, task-oriented vehicle (STOV) industry. The report covers small vehicle products ranging from golf cars, light transport and portage vehicles built off golf car frames, to heavy duty traditional turf vehicles and off-road utility and recreational vehicles (side-by-sides). The study concentrates on the product side of an estimated $12+ billion industry, including parts and service. Continue reading

Golf Cart Manuals: A Technician’s Best Friend

Golf Cart ManualsGolf cart manuals pay for themselves literally within one use as compared to average shop labor rates.  These manuals are offered in several versions including service manuals, parts manuals, and owner’s manuals.  Today, we’ll discuss golf cart service manuals, what each contains, and how they differ from their counterparts.

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The Golf Cart Stimulus: A Little Background

John C Triolo, Golf CarCatalog.Com

Recent articles in the Wall Street Journal & on, and featured stories on TV news have revealed there is a federal tax credit for the purchase of a ‘golf cart’. This Cash for Clubbers stimulus package has the print media & the talking heads worked up into a fine lather, not to mention a public that doesn’t understand what these vehicles really are. As part of the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act, the purchase of a so-called ‘golf cart’ now qualifies for a federal tax credit of up to $5500.00, compliments of your local taxpayer, provided the cart is ‘road worthy’. Some states are adding their own tax credit for buyers. At any rate, from the articles and stories sited it appears the authors know very little about ‘golf carts’ or its red headed step child, the Low Speed Vehicle. Let’s take a closer look at the evolution of the ‘golf cart’ over the past 55 years. Continue reading

Breaking News – New IMS Study

Dr. Stephen Metzger, a managing director of International Market Solutions, has just released his latest study of the golf car and utility vehicle market. This is his 4th and most comprehensive look behind the scenes of this complex, fast growing industry. The study considers OEM factory products, small startup companies, the aftermarket custom accessory and parts business, high performance electric drive trains and suspension enhancements. Dr. Metzger analyzes both the domestic and the international arena, as this market has global implications. He provides hard data gleaned from the US Department of Commerce and other governmental agencies about industry trends from 2000 through 2007 and then projects forward a blueprint for the next five years. Continue reading