Golf Cart Electrical Safety Recommendations

electrical safetyThe electrical systems on your golf car are designed to operate in a wide range of environments and last for many years if well-maintained. Routine checks should be performed to ensure that a small problem does not become a major repair or cause injuries. This post is not about performing the maintenance, but about safety while using and servicing your electrical system. Continue reading

Battery Charger Circuit Boards: Care & Repair

Recently, we had a service call to repair a battery charger for a local business which wasEZGO Powerwise Battery Charger Circuit Board not operational.  The charger has been stored outside for years with little to no protection from the elements. Below we discuss our findings below and the condition of the battery charger circuit boards within.

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Motor Brake for E-Z-GO RXV: Must Read

Damaged EZGO RXV Motor Brake AssemblyWhen E-Z-GO introduced its RXV model golf cart in 2008, it was a drastic departure from the “norm”, in the fact that it has no mechanical wheel brakes. Rather than use traditional wheel brakes, E-Z-GO elected to go with the inherent regenerative braking available with AC, coupled with a disk style motor brake pad located on the end of the motor.  We recently had an RXV golf cart in our shop with serious problems to this brake disk, which nearly resulted in a serious accident for the driver. Continue reading

Electric Golf Cart Power – Gain More

We get a multitude of questions about how to gain more power from an electric golf cart.  As Gain More Power from an Electric Golf Cartwith many questions of this nature, there are several means to an end.  Below, we will discuss how to increase your torque to gain more power from an electric golf cart, as well as define some basic terminology to help understand these concepts.

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Battery Terminal Repair on Electric Golf Carts

We get lots of questions regarding battery terminal repair on electric golf carts.  Often, theBattery terminal repairs on Electric Golf Carts need to repair the terminal is due to a melted post, or other scenario that does not allow the power wires to be secured to the terminal.  Rather than replace an otherwise good battery, we’ve gotten creative over the years and have learn how to easily handle this battery terminal repair.

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Golf Cart Fuel Pump Problems: Clogged

Golf cart fuel pump problems can often be caused by a clogged up pump due to debris Clogged Fuel Pump 1and other foreign objects.  We did another tutorial last month regarding golf cart fuel pump problems, but we had a special case in the shop a few days ago and thought it might be worth a follow-up. Below, we’ll discuss this case and fuel pump in further detail.

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Golf Cart Charger Diodes: How to Check

We often receive questions about checking golf cart charger diodes.  We have prepared a Checking Golf Cart Charger Diodesgreat tutorial to explain what a diode is, what it does, how to test it, and replacement procedures.  These procedures are relatively simple, but a multi-meter with the capability of testing continuity will be need for testing.


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Golf Cart Windshields: Towing Concerns

For many years, we have advised our customers never to tow their golf cart on a trailer orGolf Cart Windshields: Towing Concerns in a truck bed backwards if a windshield is installed.  The reasoning behind this advice is to prevent the windshield from blowing off and causing damage to your cart or others on the road.  In this discussion, we’ll elaborate on how to properly care for your golf cart windshield during the process of moving the vehicle.

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Testing Golf Cart Fuel Pumps

Despite many modern automobiles and golf carts both having fuel pumps, their principlesTesting Golf Cart Fuel Pumps of operation are very different.  Whereas automobiles typically use electric fuel pumps or fuel injection, golf carts on the other hand, primarily use vacuum based fuel pumps.  Within our discussion here, we’ll discuss possible issues with golf cart fuel pumps, how to test for proper operation as well as replacement procedures.

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Testing a Gas Golf Cart Solenoid

We are often asked by customers over the phone, by e-mail and in our own shop how toTesting a Gas Golf Cart Solenoid go about testing a gas golf cart solenoid.  This is a relatively simple process, and the specifics should be researched within the service manual for your brand, year and model.  For the purpose of this discussion, we’ll stick to the gas golf cart. We’ll publish another article soon to cover electric models.

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