Yamaha First to Offer Fuel Injected Golf Carts

Yamaha Drive Fuel Injected Golf CartsYamaha Golf Car Company displayed its new fuel injected golf carts at the PGA Merchandise Show 2013, in Orlando, FL, making them the first manufacturer to offer bring this technology to the golf car industry.  This fuel injection technology has not yet been implemented into fleet golf course applications, but is available as an option for personal use on both the Drive and Drive PTV golf cart models.

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Oreion Motors Debuts Hummer Golf Cart at PGA Show 2013

At the PGA Merchandise Show 2013, a newcomer to the golf cart industry made their debut, Oreion Motors.  In 2011, the company launched their Reeper vehicle, which is a small, rugged off-road vehicle powered by a Chevy 812cc stock 53 HP motor.  The Reeper resembles the Jeep product line and gets over 40 MPG. Continue reading

Long Travel Lift Kits

Golf cars are no longer only for golf and are evolving into the multi-purpose utility and transportation solution of the future. More people use them off-road, for hunting, and for transportation than ever before. In many cases the stock suspension is not adequate even with drop-axle, spindle, or A-arm lift installed because of difficult terrain. Thus, the birth of the long travel lifts. These kits are consisting of not only a lift kit, but also a suspension change. They allow for 4-8 of travel to accommodate large logs, bumps, or ditches you may encounter in the woods. Continue reading

The AC Edge: Alternating Current

Yes AC, as in Alternating Current, not air conditioning. It’s what powers most of the electrical machines in your life and soon it’s coming to a golf car near you. Long extension cord not required! This AC is a little different than what pulses through your home & work. AC systems for golf cars have been in development for about 10 years and now you can have one in your cart. It will change the way you think & feel about electric propulsion. Continue reading

Club Car Spindle Lift Kits

Lift kits and oversized ATV tires and wheels have become some of our best selling items over the last several years. We’re constantly expanding our product offerings within this segment due to the huge demand. Our customers are always pushing us further to meet their recreational golf car needs. This is why we’ve finally added a new line of spindle lift kits for all Club Car years and models. Continue reading

Hot Item! Grant Steering Wheels

Custom steering wheel selection has been traditionally limited for golf cars because of the unusual diameter and spline count of the steering shafts. Now, we have the answer. After almost two years of cooperative research and manufacturing between Grant products and GolfCarCatalog.com, we now carry a full line of custom and racing steering wheel kits complete with our black powder coated cast aluminum adapter, stainless steel screws, and black powder coated cast aluminum installation collar to fit a wide variety of golf car brands, years, and models. Continue reading

Revolutionary New Transaxle Braking System

Revolutionary Transaxle Brake

At the GCSAA Show we saw a most interesting new invention, brakes for a golf car incorporated inside the differential.

Think about it, if you could brake a golf car from the rear differential, you wouldn’t need brake drums, brake shoes or brake cables. It also would mean a more efficient braking system for those golf cars that would have front wheel brakes. If braking is not an equal force in front wheel brakes, the car has a tendency to veer to one side – especially in hard braking. It is also true with rear braking but to a lesser degree. But there would always be equal braking with this new transaxle system. Continue reading

Pocket-Sized GPS Makes it “To The Green”

Pocket-Sized GPS Makes it “To The Green”

Okay, so your local golf course doesnt have GPS in their golf cars. Or lets say they do, but you have your own private golf car and, of course, it doesn’t have a $5,000 GPS system installed. To The Green has developed a new GPS system for exactly these types of situations that retails for only $400. Continue reading