Put Spring In Your Gas Golf Cart

There are two fundamentally different kinds of gas engines that have been used in gas golf carts over the years:  A 2-cycle (also called a 2-stroke, which requires a certain amount of special 2-cycle oil to be mixed with the gas, either in the tank or injected into the fuel by means of a pump) and a 4-cycle engine (sometimes referred to as a 4-stroke and it requires oil in the engine crankcase, just like the oil in your automobile), and although both engines have many similarities, I will present them separately.

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Put Spring In Your Electric Golf Cart

All electric golf cart maintenance should start with the proper care & feeding of the batteries, checking the tightness of all cable connections and maintenance of the battery racks.  I will dwell on the batteries & electrical maintenance for a while because that is where I see the most neglect.  In the discussion below when I speak of ‘cables’, I mean the thick battery-to-battery type ‘power’ cables, not the thin ‘control’ wires.  The power cables carry a large amount of DC current (current=amperes) while the thin control wires carry just a little.  Later on in the presentation I get onto the mechanical aspects of the electric golf cart. Continue reading

Put Spring In Your Golf Cart

If you are headed North for Spring or returning from an extended trip, now is a good time to rejuvenate and tune up your golf cart. Performing routine maintenance at the beginning of the season will insure that your car performs ‘down’ to par and that you do not get stranded on the course, or wherever you might use your golf cart. For those that use the car year round, it is a good time to give it a Spring check-up. The information provided below is a step-by-step explanation of certain mechanical and maintenance aspects of your vehicle that anyone can easily perform. This stuff can save you $BIG BUCKS$ down the road. Continue reading

Winterizing Your Golf Cart – Electric Carts

Introduction-Electric Golf Cars

We start, and pretty much end, on battery care, with some other stuff to check thrown in at the end.  Batteries are the life blood of any electric vehicle and the better you treat & care for them the better they will serve you.  Treating them well means keeping the racks, tops & terminals clean, ensuring that all cable connections are adequately tight, adding distilled water at the proper times in the proper amount, and keeping them fully charged without overcharge.  That is the way they last the longest… plain & simple.   Continue reading

Winterizing Your Golf Cart – Gas Carts

Engine Inspection and Cleaning

Before any cleaning begins on a gas engine, take a very close look at the engine, engine components and engine compartment. Keep an eye out for wet spots that indicate an oil or gas leak from the engine or related parts. One spot to look at in particular is the crankshaft between the drive clutch and the engine case. A crankshaft seal can become weak and allow oil (or the oil and gas mixture in 2-cycle engines) to leak, leaving telltale oil around. Continue reading