How Tire Pressure Effects Your Charge

Type Car: Electric

Subject: Tire Pressure

Tip: Low pressure robs you of total distance on a single charge.

  1. Under inflated tires creates more rolling resistance causing your batteries to work harder to push the car. It’s worse on grass.
  2. If the sidewall of the tire bulges out, it’s too low. Adjust to 20 to 25 psi.
  3. No tire gauge? Try this. Place your foot on the outer edge of the tire and push hard. If your tire doesn’t give, it is OK. If it gives at all, adjust to 20 to 25 psi.
  4. Ok, there is a down side to proper inflation. The ‘ride’ will bea little harder and may not be good for people with bad backs. In that case you could lower the pressure to 15 psi, but keep in mind that is going to cut down on the total distance you can go on one charge.
  5. It is normal to lose 5 or 10 psi over winter or summer storage. But if you have to inflate the tires more than 2 or 3 times a year, you have a slow leak. A small nail of golf tee could be the culprit. Or if the side walls are cracked you may be losing air there. You could try tire sealant, but that always makes a mess.  Golf Car Catalog carries a full line of replacement tire and wheel assemblies.

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