Charles Goodwin Interview Part III

Charles Goodwin: Long Time CFO of Club Car


This is the third and final part of the Interview with Charles Goodwin. This is truly an amazing story of how Club Car was sold and re-sold and sold again and again. They call it “re-capitalization”.

But each time it was sold, the same management team continued to run Club Car and also got a healthy chunk of the new stock. Charles mentions that this new wealth was shared with the employees of Club Car and you could tell the success of the sale by the number of new cars in the parking lot.

A crusty old boss of mine had this analogy: “It’s like owning a brothel. You sell the product, yet you still have it.”

We think you’ll enjoy this final section of the interview. Continue reading

Smoking 4 Cycle Gas Golf Carts

Problem: Smoking 4 Cycle Gas Golf Cars

Indications of Trouble: Most modern 4 cycle engines used in the golf car industry are fairly reliable, trouble-free engines for the most part. They all have there little quirks though and excessive smoking can be one of them, even though the engine still runs smoothly with no other noticeable symptoms of trouble. Usually, this problem does not occur until the car has several years of use.

Below are some possible causes and the corrective measures needed to remedy the problem. Continue reading

E-Z-GO ST 4×4


E-Z-GO has just unveiled a prototype of their new four wheel drive vehicle, the ST 4×4. We were at the E-Z-GO factory this fall and immediately noticed that they had built two separate ‘mountains’ with steep roads going up one side and down the other.They had a half dozen or so of these vehicles roaring around a test track that included not only the ‘mountain’ but also a variety of ‘torture’ obstacles. We asked E-Z-GO if we could look at the vehicle and get some stats on it so we could prepare this report. But E-Z-GO was not prepared to release any information at that time. And they had no statistical information that they could give out at that time. Continue reading