Hot Item! Grant Steering Wheels

Custom steering wheel selection has been traditionally limited for golf cars because of the unusual diameter and spline count of the steering shafts. Now, we have the answer. After almost two years of cooperative research and manufacturing between Grant products and, we now carry a full line of custom and racing steering wheel kits complete with our black powder coated cast aluminum adapter, stainless steel screws, and black powder coated cast aluminum installation collar to fit a wide variety of golf car brands, years, and models. Continue reading

8th Annual Golf Cart Review – ADA News

ADA Golf Cars – Where The Issue Stands

Solo Rider’s ATeeA

A few years back the lawyers were having a heydaywith golf cars for Disabled Americans. Public golf courses were getting sued right and left because they did not have a golf car available specifically for disabled golfers. In one case the City of Indianapolis, Indiana, got sued because they didnt have any ofthese special single seater vehicles atany of their public golf courses. Continue reading

8th Annual Golf Cart Review – Refurbishing Programs

Refurbishing Programs of Used Golf Cars

Stripped Down Golf Cart

In the 7th Annual Golf Car review we reported on the huge numbers of used golf cars that the industry was faced with. The glut of used cars came primarily from the aggressive golf course leasing programs that most all the companies had in effect for the last several years. Continue reading

8th Annual Golf Cart Review – Breaking News, Club Car

No Brakes on the Club Car Train

Club Car Precedent

Sales of all Club Car vehicles are up 25% over what had been projected. Club Car predicted that their revolutionary new Precedent Golf Car would generate more demand than any vehicle in the companys 45-year history.

Turns out they underestimated customer response. Heres what President and CEO Phil Tralies said about it: Continue reading

8th Annual Review – Model Tee Widetrack Freedom Rider

Model Tee Widetrack Freedom Rider


The Model Tee Widetrack Freedom Rider is manufactured by USA Golf Products, Inc in Grass Valley, CA. We reviewed this ADA golf car on their website some time ago. This was the first year that the car was shown at the PGA Show in Orlando. We were not able to drive the car but these are our observations from the show. Continue reading

8th Annual Golf Cart Review – Future Trends

Transportation Trends for the Future


Watch Electric Vehicles Return

Outrageous Fuel Prices

The summer of 2004 will see the highest gas prices ever for the United States. While we think that $2 or $3 per gallon is an outrageous price, Europe has been living with $4, $5 and $6 dollars a gallon prices for quite some time. Continue reading