Driven Clutch Ramp Buttons

Subject: Driven Clutch Ramp Buttons

Type of Car: Gas

Problem: When I went up a grade my golf car seemed to lose power although the engine sounded OK; in fact, it would run a little faster. Finally, it wouldn’t go up a grade at all, yet the engine was running. Then I found out what was wrong. My Driven Clutch was shot and I had to replace it for a cost over 200 bucks! Had I known that the plastic ramp buttons were wearing down I could have replaced them for about $12. Continue reading

8th Annual Golf Cart Review

It has been a year of change and anticipation for all the golf car companies. Just at a time when you think they would be throttling back, just a little, because of uncertain times, all have the pedal to the metal, full speed ahead. Every company made several major introductions of product at the 2004 PGA Show in Orlando, FL. These products have been years in the planning, testing, and manufacturing. In the case of Club Car, the new Precedent golf car requires a whole new assembly line to build it, and thats not all! Yamaha has completely revamped their utility truck lineup, adding five new trucks for the golf cars ales network and 3 new models to Motor Sports. Continue reading

8th Annual Review – Yamaha Golf Car Review

Year of Utility

In 2002 Yamaha opened a new state of the art manufacturing facility in Newnan, GA. For 2003 they re-vamped the steering, front suspension and power plants of their electric & gas golf cars. As an encore, in 2004 they have introduced a total of five new utility trucks. Eight if you include the three new offerings from Yamaha Motor Sports, all made in Newnan. This doesnt sound like a company that is going away. Continue reading