All About Solenoids

The solenoid in your golf car is the main electrical contactor (switch) that allows battery current to flow to the starter/generator (on gas cars to crank the engine) or to the traction motor (on electric cars). It is a critical component for both gas and electric cars and it is prone to failure because it works so hard, especially in battery powered golf cars. Unlike the starter solenoid in your automobile, which works only as you start the engine, a golf car solenoid must work the entire time the pedal is down. Each time you stop and then restart your golf car the solenoid must also stop working and then start working again. Continue reading

Club Car Spindle Lift Kits

Lift kits and oversized ATV tires and wheels have become some of our best selling items over the last several years. We’re constantly expanding our product offerings within this segment due to the huge demand. Our customers are always pushing us further to meet their recreational golf car needs. This is why we’ve finally added a new line of spindle lift kits for all Club Car years and models. Continue reading