The AC Edge: Alternating Current

Yes AC, as in Alternating Current, not air conditioning. It’s what powers most of the electrical machines in your life and soon it’s coming to a golf car near you. Long extension cord not required! This AC is a little different than what pulses through your home & work. AC systems for golf cars have been in development for about 10 years and now you can have one in your cart. It will change the way you think & feel about electric propulsion. Continue reading

Clutches Part 2






What Goes Wrong & Why:

Basically things wear out. Some of the problem areas you can visually check & lubricate or repair as needed but over time, especially with severe use & little maintenance the parts just start wearing out. Rebuilding drive clutches used to be a common practice but the time & parts invested and the poor serviceability after all the effort proved to be unacceptable. Driven units are more commonly rebuilt depending on the brand of golf cart and the failure. This doesn’t mean you cannot extend the life of the clutch system you now have. Continue reading

ProLink Solutions, Cadillac Partner for Successful National Advertising Campaign


Largest Golf-Based GPS Ad Promotion has Stunning Debut at Courses from Coast to Coast

( TEMPE , Ariz. )    ProLink Solutions, a majority-owned subsidiary of Amalgamated Technologies, Inc. (AGMN), the world’s leading provider of Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) systems to golf courses, announced today that it has recently completed the largest golf-based advertising campaign undertaken to date. Continue reading