Golf Car Review, 2006, Part 2

Golf Car Review, 2006, Part 2


How We Got Here:

The traditional concept and perception of the function a golf car has been changing for years. Once used only on the course, today these economical little vehicles perform myriad transportation tasks in many low speed, low density applications. Golf car-like industrial vehicles were around way before 1954, when the Dolan Brothers started making E-Z-GOs, but their innovative leap to take them on-course permitted the game of golf to flourish. Without the golf car to carry the players & their bags there never would be a Callaway Big Bertha golf club or much of the golf industry as it exists today. In the early 1950s, George Smith, founder of Columbia Car Co., recognized there would never be enough caddies to carry the game to the next level of public acceptance. That’s why he started building & selling the Pargo golf car in 1956. Besides OSHA wouldn’t allow the huge numbers of caddies that would be needed on the courses of America, even if they could be found. It’s just too dangerous! Continue reading

Accessible Golf: The rules are changing!

Most public and many so-called private golf courses are sitting on a ticking time bomb that may go off when a person with a walking disability rolls through the door and wants to play golf. It is simply not enough to provide that individual with a standard two passenger golf car and send him out to play. The US Courts and the Department of Justice (DOJ) have consistently ruled that golf course owners must provide suitable conveyance for mobility impaired golfers that want to play on their course. It doesn’t matter if the course is public or private, owned by an individual or group, a resort or a municipality period! Only the most private of private courses can claim some exemption. Continue reading

Long Travel Lift Kits

Golf cars are no longer only for golf and are evolving into the multi-purpose utility and transportation solution of the future. More people use them off-road, for hunting, and for transportation than ever before. In many cases the stock suspension is not adequate even with drop-axle, spindle, or A-arm lift installed because of difficult terrain. Thus, the birth of the long travel lifts. These kits are consisting of not only a lift kit, but also a suspension change. They allow for 4-8 of travel to accommodate large logs, bumps, or ditches you may encounter in the woods. Continue reading


The 2006 PGA Merchandise Show just ended in Orlando, Florida. It was another ho-hum year for the golf car industry or so it may seem. The biggest news is not what happened but what didn’t: No! E-Z-GO did not debut their widely anticipated new model to counter the popular Club Car Precedent brought out in January, 2004. But rumors abound! One would expect a significant slow down of new introductions following the blistering pace of 2004, when Yamaha, Club Car & E-Z-GO combined introduced at least twelve new models for golf, utility or sport-utility. What follows is a report about the past year in the industry and what was seen & heard at the PGA Show. Next is the Golf Industry Show in Atlanta, Georgia. Stay tuned to Golf Car Catalog for the latest updates. Continue reading