All About Golf Cart Tires and Wheels

Oversized Golf Cart Tires and WheelsDue to the amount of questions we receive about golf cart tires and wheels, Golf Car Catalog has prepared an informative article to explain and answer many of the most common topics of discussion. Although, golf cart tires and wheels have much in common with their larger scale automotive cousins, there are also many attributes which are unique to the golf cart, utility vehicle, and low speed electric vehicle industries.

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About Golf Cart Electrical Accessories

Digital Hour Meter Golf Cart Electrical AccessoriesAccessorizing golf carts is becoming increasingly more common to customize the car and add your own touch of personality. Most accessories are aesthetic, performance oriented, or electrical. In this section, we will cover many questions, misconceptions, and facts about the golf cart electrical accessories you will find in our store. Golf Car Catalog can provide customized wiring diagrams specific to your golf car brand, model, year, voltage, and specific accessory upon request – just e-mail ( or call (800-328-1953). Continue reading

All About Golf Cart Lights

Golf Cart Lights KitGolf Cart Lights & Light Kits:

The first thing to consider when purchasing a light package, be it just golf cart lights or a full blown system with brake lights & turn signals, is how much power is it going to consume and from where all that power will come. The problem with factory golf cart light installations is they ‘tap’ into one or two batteries in series to provide the needed current. This is OK if the electrical accessories will be for VERY occasional use. If you plan on night excursions with friends running the river banks or hunting while using high output lights and listening to the CD player you need to consider several options that will help your batteries stand up to the requirements. Continue reading

About Golf Cart Battery Chargers

Golf Cart ChargerThis presentation is rather long but understanding batteries and proper charging techniques are extremely important to the longevity of your battery pack and the dollars in your wallet.  Read on to discover typical  failures of golf cart battery chargers and other good stuff.  Do not assume that you need to buy a new charger just because your golf cart battery charger does not work.   Continue reading