Ken and Troy Cotton – History of the Golf Cart – Interview – Part Three

After the eight executives left E-Z-GO for Club car, what was your relationship with these eight executives after that time?

Ken: I didn’t spend a lot of time with them because that just wasn’t the thing to do. But I would still talk to Randy when I saw him, or George Inman, or Billy or Sam Mays. We didn’t run from them but if they were there we would talk to them.

Troy: But if we needed something or wanted some information (I don’t mean anything under the table), we wouldn’t have any problems picking up the phone and talking to any one of them. Continue reading

Ken and Troy Cotton, Interview, Part One

The Cotton brothers have a prominent role in the History of the Golf Car. They began selling Cushman Golf Cars, then sold E-Z-GO Golf Cars and later they were responsible for introducing the Polish Golf Car, Melex, to the American market. When they abandoned Melex, they went to work for E-Z-GO directly as managers of the E-Z-GO North Carolina Branch. You will be amazed at their story.

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8th Annual Review – ParCar Interview – Todd Sauey, Scott Breckley and George Bushek

The Leaders of Columbia Par Car

PGA Show 2004

Columbia ParCar Participants: Todd Sauey, Chairman and CEO, George Bushek, President, Scott Breckley, VP Marketing & Sales

Interviewed By: Norm Smith, Webmaster, &Jack Triolo, Owner of Mountaintop Golf Cars, Inc and Continue reading

Charles Goodwin Interview Part III

Charles Goodwin: Long Time CFO of Club Car


This is the third and final part of the Interview with Charles Goodwin. This is truly an amazing story of how Club Car was sold and re-sold and sold again and again. They call it “re-capitalization”.

But each time it was sold, the same management team continued to run Club Car and also got a healthy chunk of the new stock. Charles mentions that this new wealth was shared with the employees of Club Car and you could tell the success of the sale by the number of new cars in the parking lot.

A crusty old boss of mine had this analogy: “It’s like owning a brothel. You sell the product, yet you still have it.”

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Charles Goodwin Interview Part II

Charles Goodwin Long Time CFO of Club Car

Part I covered the time period when Charles Goodwin first started to work with E-Z-GO and his involvement in helping to structure the financial plan that allowed eight E-Z-GO executives to buy the small Augusta based golf car company called Club Car. Club Car would then grow to rival strength with E-Z-GO.

Part II covers that growth and development as seen through the eyes of CFO Charles Goodwin. Continue reading